Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Mighty Pussy Lickers & Couchgrass

The Emergenza finals are close at hand, and only 2 bands can win this year if the audience is behaving in any normal way. That's why we invited them, the Mighty Pussy Lickers and Couchgrass, for a battle of the bands, or even a celebretiy death match in the hallowed halls of Radio ARA.

Claire and Amandine
Claire and Amandine are getting some refreshments (what's better than candy and beer?) before taking on the Mighty Pussy Lickers.
Mars and Thierry
Mars and Thierry are debating their strategy. Couchgrass may be women, but they sure can kick ass and balls. Is that why Thierry sang so high in the semi-finals?
Couchgrass vs Mighty Pussy Lickers
Let the battle begin. You can see how both teams chose their sides. At that moment, they were still eyeing each other, looking for the opponent's weakness, but this was destined to become a most brutal fight that generations of grandparents would tell their grandchildren at the fireplace on cold winter nights.
Amandine and Claude
Couchgrass received support from their bass player Claude, but being male in a band like Couchgrass means that in a no-holds-barred fight, you get as many kicks from your own side as from the opponent. It was not a nice sight to see what they did to Claude...
Mars and Couchgrass
Finally it was over. As we can see everyone survived, more or less intact. Everyone? Where is Thierry??? Rumours say that his injuries have been quite severe after the battle and it is still questionable if he can make it to the Emergenza finals... Was that the evil plan of Couchgrass? Or do the Mighty Pussy Lickers still have an ace up their sleeve?

To be continued... at the Emergenza finals!

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