Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


The forecast is great for the Poshblokes. These young punksters just released their second album ...And Here's The Forecast, and are in my opinion Luxembourg's most dynamic punk band at the moment. The new CD is much tighter than their debut, but if you really want to know what the magic behind this band is, you have to check them out on one of their many live gigs.

The Beauty and the Beast... or The Poshblokes and the Daiwels
Poshblokes, not only the best hardcore punk band at the moment, but also the most handsome one. Just compare with the ugly Daiwels in the background.
The amazing Mr Hauffels
Mr Hauffels, not present during the interview, is the man who taught the Poshblokes to use the English language in such an eloquent way. Lex called him up a couple of days later to interview the amazing Mr Hauffels and ask him about the study skills of the blokes.

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