Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Reptile Festival / Emergenza

Two festivals in one day! On Saturday May 28th, you have the choice between the Reptile festival in Wiltz or the Emergenza finals in the Kulturfabrik in Esch. The two locations couldn't be further away, and the same counts for the bands playing there. So I doubt that there will be any competition between the two events. We invited the responsible people to our radio show, unfortunately possibly a week early, but due to Pop-Up constraints this coming weekend, we were not able to make it on May 22nd.

Marc, organiser of the Reptile Festival
from 2pm to 3pm:
Most people know Marc best as the singer of d-fact, a band that has unfortunately been gone since a year or two. Maybe that's the reason why Marc decided to revive the Reptile Festival, which used to be the highlight in the concert season in the Oesling from the mid- to late-Nineties, with bands like Sick Of It All and Ryker's playing there in the past.
This year, you won't find the very big names, but a more than satisfying set of bands, from punk to hardcore to modern metal to lo-fi to so many other things. Plus free camping, and nature the way you don't find it in the Gutland anymore. Don't miss it if you're a fan of hard music.

Mike and Sascha: having their last Emergenza competition this year
from 3pm to 4pm:
Emergenza will get its audience anyway. Today we invited Sascha Lang and Mike Kill from Get Up Music to talk about the controversies surrounding this year's Emergenza. Our critical questions were answered with some intriguing insights into the functioning of this talent show. And even if we don't like some bands playing in the finals, we are looking forward to some refreshing newcomers like Jay's Pub, The Pubbles and the more established Fast Friday. If you are more into the competitive kind of music, you might want to be there on May 28th.

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