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Rock um Knuedler - Special

We have been idle for more than half a year now... considering shooting photos of our live guests. Not that we didn't have any, but either we forgot the camera, or I forgot to take the photos. This simply. But not this day.
As the popular Rock um Knuedler event took place just a couple of steps away from the headquarter of Radio ARA, we decided to invite some of the bands playing at the more punk oriented Horse stage. We had the pleasure to interview - in this order - the Last Millenium Suckers, the Kitshickers, and finally a premiere on our show, the still young but already great Poshblokes.

The Last Millenium Suckers... they may look cute but they rock as Hell!
Minutes before their gig at the Horse stage at the Rock um Knuedler concert, the Last Millenium Suckers took a trip to our studio where they were answering some of our very intelligent questions. OK, the latter part (at least the adjective) is not true. Anyway, this afternoon, LMS played one of their most powerful shows ever, and they were, as far as I remember, the only band that got the crowd pogodancing.
By the way, the next day, there was a photo of Jenny in a local newspapers. This is a band to watch out for.
Kitshickers... experimental and buttkicking indie space punk rock
The Kitshickers used to sound, more or less, like a student band, but their gig after their visit to Radio ARA proved that they are one of the most promising young rock acts. They combine elements of metal, punk, indie, space rock and tuba sounds to something quite hypnotical. The Kitshickers will make a touring trip through Europe this Summer together with emo hopefuls Carefree who released that very day their proper debut CD.
Poshblokes... they may be young, but their English teacher will kick yout butt
The Poshblokes were the opening act for the Rock um Knuedler festival, so we unfortunately didn't get to watch them. A shame, because they sounded like they were really angry. We had them come to the show afterwards though, and although they had a hard time finding our dungeon, they finally made it and we had a really great time talking about the meaning of street punk in Luxembourg, the Poshblokes' evolution towards hardcore and loads of story about their English teacher Mr Hauffels who taught this team as good English as he taught the Poshblokes. And he's a true punk, because he bought their CD.

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