Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Rock um Knuedler Special

As much as we are annoyed by the constantly boring bands playing every year at the big Lion stage at the Rock um Knuedler festival, there has been the refreshing custom for a more independent-minded Horse stage in the last couple of years. This time the Horse stage was organised by Winged Skull and the Schalltot Collective who were so nice to send us each and every of their five bands to our studio for a short interview and impressions from the Rock um Knuedler. We were happy to greet Do Andro´ds Dream Of Electric Sheep?, Extinct, Ex-Inferis, Kunn & The Magic Muffins and finally Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow.

Do Andro´ds Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Do Andro´ds Dream Of Electric Sheep? are very regular guest on our radio show, their first time having been three years ago when they were still called the Poshblokes. Today they came with their new split-7" with the German Aggra Makabra, but also brought their sax playing Father Christmas. So prepare for the jolly season.

This was Extinct's first interview in our show, and apart from a new song on the Winged Skull compilation, they also brought their new bass player Giordano (Last Millennium Suckers) and told us that they are right now working on their second album which should be released sometime this coming Autumn. Watch out for a true street punk explosion.

Ex-Inferis covered the metal aspect of the Horse stage, and although they haven't been recording any new material since their latest album, they can proudly claim to play a sold-out show with Apocalyptica. And as this is already the third time the Cello-phaned Finns are playing at the KuFa, we might as well say that people go to that show to see and hear the fiercest local death metal core band.

Kunn & The Magic Muffins
Kunn & The Magic Muffins were the mellow band of the Horse stage, and although not even a third of this ten member strong ska band came to the studio, they still told us a lot of interesting anecdotes of the life of a rocksteady ska reggae dub band, and that it is no longer a secret that ska can open doors for young bands, or how can you explain otherwise that this still relatively young band already can play five country tours while more seasoned local artists are still looking hard to find touring opportunities?

Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow
And finally Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow: this post-Actarus band will very soon release a split-CD with their fellow newcomers Mutiny On The Bounty. Treasure Chest not only have a wicked sense of humour, but also play some of the finest indie emo math rock, and considering how good these guys can sing, it's a shame that they used to spend so much of their past time in an instrumental (even though a very great) band.

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