Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Rock um Knuedler Special

Like every year, the first Sunday in July is the traditional Rock um Knuedler festival. And like every year, this free festival comes with an array of either boring old farts (Jean-Louis Aubert) or other uninteresting musical genres. This year, the big Lion stage concentrated on world and ethno sounds, so that we decided again to give interview time to the Backline programmed, and much more interesting, small Horse stage. Four bands paid us a short visit. You'll see the picture below except for Fast Friday where we forgot to take one.

Eternal Tango
Eternal Tango came with their new singer and their new 3-track demo that shows them from a more accessible side, making them the poster boys of the contemporary successful emo-metal genre. People can argue about the utility or futility of that genre, but it can't be denied that Eternal Tango are more than just good at what they are doing.

La Fa Connected
No band likes to be called an all-star band, but with La Fa Connected, this is always the expression that comes to mind. Two older scene veterans couple up with two youngsters, all four of them having had already massive successes in the most diverse bands. La Fa Connected don't seem to strive for higher goals but just want to make some good music, with singer Sim also hoping for Italy to win the soccer world cup. The future would show that he would be lucky.

Six Pax
Not many bands are as controversial and as popular as punk cover heros Six Pax who also are something like a local supergroup that wants to lay back and have fun covering the pop songs with which they grew up. Unfortunately they played rather early today so that we missed their gig, but at least we had the honour to see them in their fashionable Thomas Magnum shirts.

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