Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Rock um Knuedler Special

Once again, it was Rock um Knuedler time, and like every year, we sent invitations out to the performing local bands. The show became one huge marathon of bite-sized interviews with five bands eventually making it to the studio.

Torpid were the first band to pay us a visit, and they talked about their new album "Fraiseman" which had been recorded in late 2005 by Steve Albini in his Chicago studio.

Hal Flavin
The day before, Hal Flavin had a tremendous show at the KuFa closing party. Today they would play the big Lion stage later in the afternoon. Working hard on their debut album which should come out in autumn, Hal Flavin told about the millions of people who have already downloaded their summer hit "Cinnamon" on iTunes. Let's hope their upcoming CD will just be as splendous.

Mutiny On The Bounty
When it comes to musical tightness, nobody is as perfect as Mutiny On The Bounty. It seems as if the band has finally found a stable line-up. There we are also awaiting a debut albu^m. Today they would still be playing an instrumental set, but in the future there will most definitely be vocals.
Eternal Tango
Gianna Nannini? Johnny Clegg? No, Eternal Tango were the secret headliners of the evening. Touring their asses off and having recently released their debut CD, filled to the brim with melodic emo core songs, Eternal Tango are THE band of the moment right now, attracting lots of fans and making every show a party in the truest sense.

Pan Tau
Pan Tau were opening the Rock um Knuedler on the Horse stage this year, and although I have never heard a song of this young band, its members are already a bit older, having played resp. playing in bands like Nowhere Fast and Astronoids.

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