Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Rock um Knuedler Special

The tradition required us to invite again as many of the local bands as time allowed. The Rock um Knuedler may not always have the most interesting headliners for those who are not yet completely bald or grey (although we're steadily heading there), but Luxembourg's aspiring rock stars taught us again better this year!

Glitter And Trauma
Glitter And Trauma were the definite youngsters of the day, but that didn't prevent them to conquer the Knuedler all by themselves a little later in the afternoon. Right on time at 2pm, the European foursome came to tell us about their band, give us a peek preview into their recordings, leaving us hungry for more. Who would have thought that a band with an average age of not even 18 years could already be so wild?

After introducing British sounding indie rock music to Luxembourg, this band of quasi-veterans continued to climb the charts and even get their music played in an advertisement. Metro probably didn't anticipate to become so popular with their single "She Went Under", and not only we hope that they will soon release a new CD with new material. Impossible right now to think of a Luxembourgish concert scene without these guys!

Versus You and Babyoil
Winged Skull signed bands Versus You and Babyoil decided to be interviewed at the same time. Versus You's unprecedented success was as surprising as deserved. For a band having their roots in the rowdier punk movement, they found a new indentity in muscular power pop that even allowed them to open a show for Avril Lavigne. Babyoil is another of those bands that is just as impossible to destroy as weeds. After a more psychedelic appearance in the Nineties, the new millennium saw them in a new incarnation, delivering some of the hardest alternative rock around.
Miaow Miaow
When Miaow Miaow started two years ago, they were considered to be just another band formed by members of other Schalltot bands. A first CD and a prestigious ELIE award for best alternative song last year changed that perception dramatically, and nowadays they have enough hits to keep their audience mesmerised for an entire show. Let's hope that they will treat us with a new recording after the summer holidays.

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