Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


In late 2001, Dynamite Dresden paid a visit to the Daiwel and contributed to the most memorable show we ever had. Not only was their song "Die Tanke" voted the best song of all times past and future, but they brought a level of intellect that since then was hard to attain ever again.
Unfortunately, Dynamtite Dresden are no more, but some of the guys are now performing under the name Stasi/Disi.

Stasi/Disi: folk punk with Mosel style attitude
This was supposed to be a Stasi/Disi interview, but as it turned out, all of the guys present are also playing in myriads of other interesting bands, covering territories from punk to folk over rock and hiphop.

Stasi/Disi performing live at Radio ARA
Like in 2001, we were again honoured by a small live session, showing off the great live qualities of this up and coming singer/songwriter band.

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