Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


Ten years since their founding, five years since their debut CD... It seems as if the Toxkšpp do everything in fives. Three original founding members paid us a visit to present their new album "Zwee Toun Ska Punk" (3 people + 2 tone = 5 again..., this is getting worse than the Illuminatus trilogy!).

Toxkšpp: Frank, Patrick and Fršnz
Toxkšpp, nowadays actually seven people, are one of the few bands who really pioneered an idea in Luxembourg. Without them, there would most probably not be a ska scene in Luxembourg. Having been in the crossfire of the critics for several reasons (giving up punk rock, singing in Luxembourgish, lazy release schedule,...), they always managed to convince those people that matter: their fans. If you have ever seen them play live in a small club or on a bigger venue like the Lion Stage of the Rock um Knuedler, they show that true professionals master every situation.

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