Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Tvesla / John McAsskill

It doesn't happen too often that local bands decide to release their music on vinyl. In the case of Tvesla and John McAsskill, it is even more special, as they opted for the peculiar 10"-size and furthermore made it a split-release on Noiseworks Records. As John McAsskill haven't been guests at our show for nearly two years (although we must have seen them in the meantime at least a dozen times), and as Tvesla have never even been our guests, we decided that it was high time to get them to our studio to have a listen at their new vinyl record.

Tvesla and John McAsskill
Conscious of the fact that nowadays not everyone owns a vinyl record player (I am in that club of modernist people, for instance), every album comes with a free bonus CD-R where the five songs from the 10" can be listened to or transformed into MP3-files if you want to take them jogging along with your portable MP3-player. This fan-friendly approach should guarantee more than satisfying sales and makes it also for the un-retro people possible to enjoy Tvesla's noisy indie-post-rock and John McAsskill's uncomparable ass rock.

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