Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Winged Skull

Winged Skull have achieved a lot of success in the four or five years of their existence. What started as a bunch of friends releasing badly recorded music on self-burned CDs increased into a regular label that has already released a lot of well liked bands from Luxembourg but also from foreign countries.

Winged Gilles
We had invited the Winged Skull crew because of two events. The first was the upcoming festival that's bound to happen coming Friday at the KuFa with a lot of local and international punk celebrities.

Winged Damiano
The second reason is their new double-CD compilation which you can buy for 8 Euro or which you will get as a bonus if you pay 12 Euro to visit Friday's festival. This is a system they have used already in the past, and experience has shown that it works.

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