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Playlist 3 April 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Von Hertzen Brothers You Don't Know My Name New Day Rising Spinefarm
2 Cult Of Luna Last Will And Testament Råångest (Split-EP with The Old Wind) Pelagic
3 The Old Wind Wooden Scythe Råångest (Split-EP with Cult Of Luna) Pelagic
4 Verräter Vagrant Split (with Sxuperion) Bloody Mountain / Sordid Curse
5 Sxuperion Vibration II Split (with Verräter) Bloody Mountain / Sordid Curse
6 Department Of Correction Death By Sunburn (The Real Redneck) Split (with Proletar) Give Praise
7 Proletar Global Darkness Destruction Split (with Department Of Correction) Give Praise
8 Department Of Correction Suck It Up System Resistance Split (with Agathocles) Give Praise
9 Agathocles Into My Crypts Of Hate Split (with Department Of Correction) Give Praise
10 Primitive Man Empty Husk Split (with Northless) Halo Of Flies
11 Northless Deleted Heartstrings Split (with Primitive Man) Halo Of Flies
12 Ippu Mitsui Lalanona Split (with Annie & The Station Orchestra) Bearsuit
13 Annie & The Station Orchestra Heavy Artillery Ward Split (with Ippu Mitsui) Bearsuit
14 Coffins Tyrant Split (with Ilsa) Relapse
15 Ilsa Cult Of The Throne Split (with Coffins) Relapse
16 Fister We All Die Tonight Split (with Teeth) Broken Limbs
17 Teeth To Lay Upon Blistered Thorns Split (with Fister) Broken Limbs
18 Necrosavant Aniara MMXIV (excerpt 1) Aniara MMXIV Kolony
19 Necrosavant Aniara MMXIV (excerpt 2) Aniara MMXIV Kolony
20 Necrosavant Aniara MMXIV (excerpt 3) Aniara MMXIV Kolony