Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 10 April 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Augurs From Maggots To Flies Split 7-Inch with Deathgrave Sentient Ruin
2 Assailant The Leading Spectre Bringers Of Delusion (Split with Ubiquitous Realities) Symbol Of Domination
3 Ubiquitous Realities Biological Demise Bringers Of Delusion (Split with Assailant) Symbol Of Domination
4 Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas The Wreck Of S.S. Needle Mariner Indie
5 Sublind Thrash It! Demo 2009 (self-released)
6 Sublind Thrashing Delirium Thrashing Delirium (self-released)
7 Sublind Humpeknupper Thrashing Delirium (self-released)
8 Sublind BommeleeŽr Demo 2016 (self-released)
9 Boris with Merzbow Farewell / Planet Of The Cows Gensho Relapse
10 Flotsam & Jetsam Verge Of Tragedy Flotsam & Jetsam AFM
11 Obscenity Whore Of Secret Retaliation Kolony
12 Dead Cowboy's Sluts Oak Trail Obedience Maniac
13 Heonia The Shabby Ballroom Portraits M & O
14 Heonia Freak's Dance Portraits M & O
15 Heonia The Die Is Cast Portraits M & O


Sublind, Heonia