Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 June 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Dreadnought Minuet De Lune Bridging Realms Sailor
2 Dark Quarterer Wandering In The Dark Symbols Cruz Del Sur
3 Frost* Numbers Falling Satellites InsideOut
4 Airbag Killer Disconnected Karisma
5 Lanfear Converging Saints The Code Inherited Pure Legend
6 Mortillery Radiation Sickness Shapeshifter Napalm
7 Nervosa Hypocrisy Agony Napalm
8 High Fighter The Gatekeeper Scars & Crosses Svart
9 Candlemass Sinister'n'Sweet Death Thy Lover Napalm
10 Meds Alive Dismantle Your War (self-released)
11 Bun E. Carlos Do Something Real Greetings From Bunezuela! Steamhammer / SPV
12 Kornelius Flowers Abba Vintage Hedonist Sumo Rex
13 The Three Sum Always With You Siema
14 Real Friends Keep Lying To Me The Home Inside My Head Fearless
15 Klein Low Rider Bengal Sparks Spezialmaterial
16 Crystal Shipsss Holly Holly Raw Onion
17 Star Dancer Welcome To My World Welcome To My World Star Dancer
18 Star Dancer High And The Mighty Welcome To My World Star Dancer
19 Star Dancer She's In Love With Joan Jett Welcome To My World Star Dancer


Star Dancer