Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 August 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Afterpartees Girls Like You Glitter Lizard Excelsior
2 Autumn Sweater Traffic Is Fine First Session (EP) (self-released)
3 The Nose Dee Who's The Monster Now? Gash
4 Gemma Ray Ifs And Buts The Exodus Suite Bronzerat
5 The Rose And Crown Addict All I Wanna Say Timezone
6 Stramm Mirrors A Ticket To A Trip In The Mirror Of Her Eyes Finest Noise
7 Lost In Kiev Mirrors Nuit Noire Dunk!
8 Even Vast The One You Wish Hear Me Out (Re-Release) Sleaszy Rider
9 Rotting Christ Victoriatus Sleep Of The Angels (Re-Release) Sleaszy Rider
10 Pyre The Exorcist Seven Burning Churches: Tribute to Possessed Dead Center / More Hate
11 Harm God Forgives, My Chainsaw Not The Evil Final Gate
12 Die Nerven Barfuß durch die Scherben Out Glitterhouse
13 Sad Eyed Lemurs Lost Lost (self-released)
14 Viranesir Pedophilic Torturer Dad’s Choking On My Vomit Of His Semen Merdümgiriz
15 Violent Revolution Wake Up State Of Unrest Iron Shield
16 Nuclear Aggressor Domination Of The Sheep Slow Dismemberment Punishment 18
17 Psychoprism The Acclaimed Creation Pure Steel
18 High Fighter Darkest Days Scars & Crosses Svart
19 High Fighter Blinders Scars & Crosses Svart
20 High Fighter Scars & Crosses Scars & Crosses Svart


High Fighter