Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 August 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Sahara Surfers Charma High Lands Sound Zero
2 Belvedere Revenge Of The Fifth The Revenge Of The Fifth Funtime
3 Paul Chain Sand Glass Alkahest Minotauro
4 Endless Void (Track 5) Apparitions (self-released)
5 Thrawsunblat Fires That Light The Earth Metachthonia Ignifera / Broken Limbs
6 Skiltron Hate Of My Life Legacy Of Blood Trollzorn
7 Soulhenge Hold Your Breath Hold Your Breath (Single) (self-released)
8 Serious Black As Long As I Am Alive Mirrorworld AFM
9 Cathubodua Imperium Solis Opus I: Dawn (self-released)
10 Man Meets Bear The Humber I Want To Be A Gallant Rider Like My Father Was Before Me Ur Audio-Visual
11 Stephan Massimo Ding im Bauch Alles ist an M Music
12 The Mission Tyranny Of Secrets Another Fall From Grace Eyes Wide Shut
13 Darkhaus The Last Goodbye When Sparks Ignite Oblivion / SPV
14 zZz Blood Juggernaut Exzelsior
15 Anti Pasti Gatecrasher Rise Up Westworld
16 Secutor Detonator Stand Defiant Coffin Filth
17 Secutor Stand Defiant Stand Defiant Coffin Filth
18 Secutor Use Of Booze Stand Defiant Coffin Filth