Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 28 August 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 New Light Choir All I Need Volume II High Roller
2 Harri Kauppinen Linnut Helvetin Laulut Concorde
3 Mono Death In Rebirth Requiem For Hell Pelagic
4 Wang Wen Red Wall And Black Wall Sweet Home, Go! Pelagic
5 Pg.lost Off The Beaten Path Versus Pelagic
6 100 Years Breath Of Summer 100 Years Give Praise
7 Nopes Saigon/Stow Never Heard Of It Magnetic Eye
8 The Afternoon Gentlemen Grind In The Mind Still Pissed Give Praise
9 Bent Sea Gluttonous Death Ascend (Split with To Dust) Give Praise
10 To Dust Tumbeiros Descend (Split with Bent Sea) Give Praise
11 The Lurking Corpses Children Of The Dead Split Personality (Split with Traffic Death) Give Praise
12 Traffic Death Mind Killer Split Personality (Split with The Lurking Corpses) Give Praise
13 Poltergeist Gone And Forgotten Back To Haunt Pure Steel
14 Infact Change My Name Imperative Music Volume 12 Imperative
15 Delain Fire With Fire Moonbathers Napalm
16 Miracle Flair Angels Cast Shadows Angel Casts Shadows Massacre
17 Aeternitas House Of Usher House Of User Massacre
18 Sahg Devilspeed Memento Mori Massacre
19 Aggravator High Impact Homicides Sterile Existence Dead Center
20 Acyl Mercurial Aftermath M & O
21 Acyl Finga Aftermath M & O
22 Acyl Tin Hinan Aftermath M & O