Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 9 October 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Mindpatrol A Marble Throne The Marble Fall (self-released)
2 Space Chaser Anthem Dead Sun Rising This Charming Man
3 Hobbs' Angel Of Death Drawn And Quartered Heaven Bled High Roller
4 Hammerfall The Sacred Vow Built To Last Napalm
5 Hammer King For God And The King King Is Rising Cruz Del Sur
6 The Agonist The Anchor And The Sail Five Napalm
7 Kitshickers Growth III.0 (self-released)
8 Moanaa The Shift Passage Arachnophobia
9 Kevin Lawry Broken Arrow The Shadows Stole The Dawn KLM
10 Halcyon Hope Fawn Fawn (Single) Prime Collective
11 ┼nd Niedertracht Aeternus This Charming Man
12 Riti Occulti Atziluth Tetragrammaton Nordavind
13 Riti Occulti Beri'Ah Tetragrammaton Nordavind
14 Riti Occulti Yetzirah Tetragrammaton Nordavind


Luc Franšois, Riti Occulti