Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 27 November 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Homer Push The Button Loved Loss (EP) Funtime
2 Sleepers' Guilt Two Words Kilesa (self-released)
3 Fusion Bomb The Masses’ Breakfast Pravda (self-released)
4 Sublind Bommeleeër Bommeleeër (Demo 2016) (self-released)
5 Infact State Of Decay State Of Decay (self-released)
6 Heaven's Scum Never Wanted It All Ends In Pain (self-released)
7 Decipher Liquid Pain Intuition (self-released)
8 Fraser Edwards 12 Variations (On Nyan Cat): Pt 1 - Edward Snowden I Am God (self-released)
9 The Mighty N Kill Your Enemy Retribution (self-released)
10 Maly macht Musik Scheißverein Political International Emotional Playground
11 Vizediktator Stadt aus Gold Rausch Sportclub Rotter Damm
12 Chromb! Bobby 1000 Atypeek / Dur et Doux
13 Annie & The Station Orchestra Here Come The Bears Bingo Halls Bearsuit
14 Serpentyne Brigantia The Serpent's Kiss (self-released)
15 Kevin Lawry Faith The Shadows Stole The Dawn KLM
16 Kevin Lawry The Shadows Stole The Dawn The Shadows Stole The Dawn KLM
17 Kevin Lawry Broken Arrow The Shadows Stole The Dawn KLM


Hate Night Festival, Kevin Lawry