Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 4 December 2016

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Cage The Procedure Ancient Evil Sweden Music
2 Almah Speranza E.V.O. Test Your Metal
3 Heaven's Guardian Time Signs Megahard
4 Need Riverthane Hegaiamas: A Song For Freedom (self-released)
5 Corners Of Sanctuary That Feeling We Know That Feeling We Know (Single) March Baby
6 Republic Of Rock'n'Roll Cyber Killer Veggies Can Kill Upside Down M & O
7 Marianne Toilet and The Runs Lawnmowing Eargasms For Your Genitals (EP) (self-released)
8 Cyanna Mercury Horse Dark As Night Archetypes (self-released)
9 The Nebulosity Cosmonaut Cosmonaut (Single) (self-released)
10 Queen Elephantine Quartz Kala Atypeek
11 Kratornas Dead Burning Christ Devoured By Damnation Grathila
12 Cumbeast Guerrillaz Of Sickness Straight Outta Sewer Rotten Roll Rex
13 Southern Drinkstruction Ass Parking Bitch Vultures Of The Black River Rotten Roll Rex
14 Ill Neglect Permanent Euphoria Trisma (Split-7" with Lambs) Drown Within
15 Lambs Unfeeling Trisma (Split-7" with Ill Neglect) Drown Within
16 Scalpture Panzer Hooray! Panzerdoktrin Final Gate
17 Symmetric Organ Reboot States Of Decay (self-released)
18 Bolesno Grinje Autobiografija Propasti GRD (different labels)
19 Agathocles Wasted Words Commence To Mince Selfmade God
20 Nashgul Bethlem Royal Carcava Selfmade God
21 Booby Trap Fuck Off And Die! Overloaded Firecum
22 F.O.A.D. Bastard Son Birth Of Extinction Defense
23 Iscariota Judasz (Iscariota) The Fallen Kingdom Defense
24 Anticlockwise The Gutenberg Plague Raise Your Head Revalve