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Playlist 30 July 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Helstar From The Pulpit To The Pit Vampiro EMP
2 Warship Feel The Pain The Second Wave (self-released)
3 Crafteon The Whisperer In The Darkness Cosmic Reawakening (self-released)
4 Expain Corridors Of The Mind Pinching Nerves (EP) (self-released)
5 TarantisT Summer Not A Crime (self-released)
6 Heterochrome Hang Melancholia (self-released)
7 Cats In Space Mad Hatter's Tea Party Scarecrow Cargo
8 An Assfull Of Love Lumberjack Lesbians Monkey Madness Boersma
9 On Top Lovin' The Devil Top Dollar (EP) Horror Pain Gore Death
10 Ektomorf Black Flag Warpath (Live And Life On The Road) AFM
11 Ignominious Kneeling King The Throne And The Altar Hidden Marly
12 Helminthium We, The Fearless The Fall Of Paradigms (EP) (self-released)
13 Devil Electric Hypnotica Hypnotica (Single) Kozmik Artifactz
14 Sapata Sex Magic Satanibator Inverse
15 Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf Horrorshow Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf Soman
16 Bison Drunkard You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient Pelagic
17 Grand Delusion Just Revolution Supreme Machine Minotauro
18 Alunah Fire Of Thornborough Henge Solenniel Svart
19 Alunah Petrichor Solenniel Svart
20 Alunah A Forest Solenniel Svart