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Playlist 31 December 2017

# Artist Title Album Label
1 King Leviathan Sanctification Paean Heretica Infernum
2 Mausoleum Gate Solomon's Key Into A Dark Divinity Cruz Del Sur
3 High Spirits Escape Escape (EP) High Roller
4 Winds Of Leng Beneath Unhallowed Earth Horrid Dominion (self-released)
5 Hexx Slave In Hell Wrath Of The Reaper High Roller
6 Alltheniko Man On The Edge Italian History VI Pure Steel
7 Uncle Acid Dead Eyes Of London Vol. 1 Rise Above
8 Fyrecross Heavy Metal Battles Burn Them To The Ground (EP) Witches Brew
9 Neuronspoiler This Is Revolution Second Sight Dissonance
10 Terror Empire Burn The Flags Obscurity Rising Mosher
11 Himmellegeme Hjertedød Myth Of Earth Karisma
12 FM2000 Trabant Hubba Bubba Rehab Inverse
13 Communic Where History Lives Where Echoes Gather AFM
14 Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project A Flower In The Smoke For The Light ArtBeat
15 My Beloved Sailor's Tale Echoes Over Voices Vicious
16 Arrayan Path The Hundred Names Of Kali Ma Dawn Of Aquarius Pitch Black
17 Elvenking The Horned Ghost And The Sorcerer Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire AFM
18 Salems Lott Enigma Mask Of Morality (Part 1) (EP) Red Moon
19 Iron Monkey Crown Of Electrodes 9-13 Relapse
20 Millennium False Reality Awakening (self-released)
21 Folkodia Battle Of The Milvian Bridge Battle Of The Milvian Bridge Stygian Crypt
22 Disaffected Glossolalia The Trinity Threshold Chaosphere


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