Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 22 April 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Autumn Sweater Matches Second Session (self-released)
2 Midge November Still Receiver (EP) Ur Audio-Visual
3 Brett Newski Ride Ride (Single) Backseat
4 Spiders Burning For You Killer Machine Spinefarm
5 Liv Sin Murphy's Law Inverted (EP) Despotz
6 Lee Aaron Hard Road Baby Diamond Blues Metalville
7 The Kut Hollywood Rock'n'Roll Valley Of Thorns Criminal Records / Cargo
8 The Sloths Never Enough Girls Back From The Grave Eternal Sound
9 The Armed Role Models Only Love Throatruiner
10 Pryapisme The Best Vacuum Cleaners Were Produced During The Cenozoic Era Epic Loon (Video Game Soundtrack) Apathia
11 J Foley Loop 019 Drone Loops EP 01 Controlled Burn
12 Trainwreck Department The Stars Are Shooting At Us No. 1 (EP) (self-released)
13 Kwirl Dead Men Walking Wir kommen in Frieden Housemaster
14 Die Traktor Alle meine Entchen Arne und die Strümpfe FBP
15 Saturday's Heroes Rebel Pineroad Lövely
16 La Bottega Del Tempo A Vapore Goccia Di Tenebra Viaggi inVersi Revalve
17 Fantasy Opus Heaven Denied The Last Dream Pure Steel
18 Lord Vigo Doom Shall Rise Six Must Die No Remorse
19 Ancient Lights Vessel Of Inevitability Ancient Lights Ritual
20 Black Salvation Leair Uncertainty Is Bliss Relapse
21 Divided A Hundred Times A Hundred Times (EP) Nail
22 Funeral Parade Funeral Parade FP M & O
23 Funeral Parade Taxidermiste FP M & O
24 Funeral Parade 3 Temps FP M & O


Funeral Parade