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Playlist 13 May 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Foggy Bottom Si seulement Sur le fil (self-released)
2 AWS Viszlát Nyár Viszlát Nyár (Single) Edge
3 Detieti Murat-Zlurad Frogressive Punk (no name)
4 Truchło Strzygi Sadystyczny Masowy Mord Pora Umierać Godz Ov War
5 RavenSkül In The Air Tonight In The Air Tonight (Single) (self-released)
6 Frayle The White Witch The White Witch (EP) Seeing Red / Lay Bare
7 Nervosa Kill The Silence Downfall Of Mankind Napalm
8 Marc Rizzo Signum Rotation Combat / SPV
9 Necrytis Starshine Dread En Ruin Pure Steel
10 Battleroar We Shall Conquer Codex Epicus Cruz Del Sur
11 Ostura Deathless The Room Universal
12 69 Chambers Machine Machine Massacre
13 Fabulae Dramatis Stone Solar Time's Fables (self-released)
14 Beneath The Silence Ashes Phoenix (EP) (self-released)
15 When Reasons Collapse Omen Of The Banshee Omen Of The Banshee (self-released)
16 Skinless Siege Engine Savagery Relapse
17 Mormânt De Snagov Never Speak Aloud Depths Below Space And Existence Pest
18 Cross X What We Can Get What We Can Get Calygram
19 Cross X Broken What We Can Get Calygram
20 Cross X In My Heart What We Can Get Calygram


Cross X