Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 3 June 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Skinflint Ram Of Fire Chief Of The Ghosts Pure Steel
2 Co-Op Old Scratch Co-Op Ellefson Music
3 Mingawash Joujou Imposteur M & O
4 Krakow The Stranger Minus Karisma
5 Antisoph Hypnoroom Antisoph Geisterasche Organisation
6 Spock's Beard Have We All Gone Crazy Yet? Noise Floor InsideOut
7 Arca Progjet Meta Morfosi Arca Progjet Jolly Roger
8 Xael Srai The Last Arbiter Test Your Metal
9 The Hirvi Don't Fuck With The Runners Old School Killspree Inverse
10 Hatchet Desire For Oppression Dying To Exist Combat / EMP
11 Elvenstorm Ritual Of Summoning The Conjuring Massacre
12 Astray Valley The Wilderness Unneth WormHoleDeath
13 Powerwolf Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend The Sacrament Of Sin Napalm Records
14 Hallig Neues Land A Distant Reflection Of The Void Talheim
15 Dallian As Within, So Without Automata (self-released)
16 The Last Seed Throw The Bones Hellboy Nihilistische KlangKunst
17 Pungent Stench Sputter Supper Been Caught Buttering Dissonance
18 Pungent Stench I'm A Family Man Club Mondo Bizarro Dissonance
19 Pungent Stench Aztec Holiday Smut Kingdom Dissonance


Pungent Stench