Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 8 July 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Inger Lorre Sad & Damned Live At The Viper Room Sweet Nothing
2 Nick Flessa Glendale Flyover States Elite
3 Pardans (Hookers With) Hidden Depths Spit And Image Tambourhinoceros
4 Rolled Up Sleeves Happy & Alone Pointless (EP) Mighty
5 Årabrot Warning Who Do You Love Pelagic
6 The Happy Sun Summerrain Summerrain / Red Riff White Cliff (Single) Noise Appeal
7 The Sea Within Where Are You Going? The Sea Within InsideOut
8 Southern Empire Goliath's Moon Civilisation Giant Electric Pea
9 Dizzy Mystics Diamond Duller Diamond Duller (Single) (self-released)
10 Exlibris Incarnate Innertia (self-released)
11 Homerik Unforgotten Kin The Room (self-released)
12 Gory Blister Mutable Past 1991.Bloodstained Mighty
13 Dephosphorus Asteroskoni Impossible Orbits 7 Degrees
14 Bomba W Torcie Anarchia Anarchia 666 Selfmade God
15 Torn The Fuck Apart These Pliers Are Terrible For Pulling Teeth A Genetic Predisposition To Violence Gore House
16 Tornado Global Pandemic Commitment To Excellence Extreme Metal / Rockshots
17 Trauma From Here To Hell As The World Dies The Orchard / Sony / Rivet
18 Entering Polaris Nostalgia For Infinity Godseed Freya
19 Majesty Of Silence Klangfeind - Neuzeithasser Zu dunkel für das Licht Rockshots
20 Majesty Of Silence Der Untergang Zu dunkel für das Licht Rockshots
21 Majesty Of Silence Sonne Zu dunkel für das Licht Rockshots


Majesty Of Silence