Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 August 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Jack Starr's Burning Star Hero Stand Your Ground High Roller
2 Chevalier The Messenger Chapitre II Gates Of Hell
3 Wardance Neverending Nightmare Heaven Is For Sale (Re-Release) Dying Victims Productions
4 Tygers Of Pan Tang Devil You Know Devil You Know (Single) Mighty
5 Henry Metal Thrash Your Head The Essential Henry Metal Vol. 1 (self-released)
6 Verni Fire Up Barricade Mighty
7 Cultural Warfare G.O.D. Warmageddon M-Theory
8 Revolutio Ozymandias Vagrant Inverse
9 Subtype Zero Unprecedented Salvation The Astral Awakening Seeing Red
10 Necronomicon Leave The Lights On Unleashed Bastards El Puerto
11 Shaidar Logoth A Realm Befitting His Majesty Chapter II: The Ritualist (Re-Release) Sentient Ruin
12 Ariel Pink White Freckles Pom Pom 4AD
13 Pree Tone Maze Of 60 Tricks Kiddy (no name)
14 Ecca Vandal Your Way Ecca Vandal Dew Process
15 Lecks Inc. K.K.K. In Your Head E.G.O. (Everybody Gets One) M & O
16 Kingcrow Drenched The Persistence Sensory
17 Ackeron Come Closer Polarity Melancholia
18 Ackeron The Quiet Sun Polarity Melancholia
19 Ackeron Hold Me Now Polarity Melancholia