Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 August 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Sorrows Path The Subconscious Touching Infinity Iron Shield
2 Hammer King The King Is A Deadly Machine Poseidon Will Carry Us Home Cruz Del Sur
3 Black Viper Metal Blitzkrieg Hellions Of Fire High Roller
4 Black Alice Hell Has No Fury Endangered Species (Re-Release) Karthago
5 Black Alice Something In The Air Sons Of Steel (Re-Release) Karthago
6 Darkness See You On The Bodyfarm First Class Violence Massacre
7 Mutilated By Zombies Decayed Manifestation Scripts Of Anguish Redefining Darkness
8 Descent Skinwalker Towers Of Grandiosity Redefining Darkness
9 Flesh Hunter and the Analassaulters Born To Be Rat The Plague Hammer Of Damnation
10 Resumed The World Is Mine Year Zero Mighty
11 North Of South Balance Paradox New Latitudes Rockshots
12 Side Effects Scratch The Surface Descending Rabbit Holes Rockshots
13 Ariel Pink Dedicated To Bobby Jameson Dedicated To Bobby Jameson Mexican Summer
14 Braggers Shine On Shine On / Indian Summer (Single) Russian Winter
15 I Against I Small Waves Small Waves White Russian
16 Hell And High Water While The Wise Man Smiles Neon Globe Barhill
17 Wheel In The Sky Undead Love Beyond The Pale The Sign
18 Snew Put Upon You've Got Some Nerve (self-released)
19 Dark Millennium Lovers Die Where Oceans Collide Massacre
20 Dark Millennium Vampire's Empire Where Oceans Collide Massacre
21 Dark Millennium In Equilibrium Where Oceans Collide Massacre


Dark Millennium