Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 October 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Major Parkinson Blackbox Blackbox Karisma
2 Martyr Lucifer Bloodwaters Gazing At The Flocks Seahorse
3 Moonfrost Too Drugged To Dream III (self-released)
4 Soom Нагно (Nagno) Джєбарс (Djebars) Addicted
5 Sumeru Summon Destroyer Summon Destroyer WormHoleDeath
6 Set And Setting Ecdysis Tabula Rasa Pelagic
7 1914 Beat The Bastards The Blind Leading The Blind Redefining Darkness / Archaic
8 Embryonic Cells Never Let You Fall Horizon Apathia
9 Apatheia Odmetnia Konstelacja Dziur Godz Ov War
10 Angrrsth Krew i Trans Znikąd Godz Ov War
11 Reinfection Conflict Of Interest Breeding Hate Deformeathing
12 Corpsefucking Art Splatterphobia Splatterphobia Comatose
13 Hate Squad Death List Reborn From Ashes Massacre
14 Warpath Unbroken Soul Filthy Bastard Culture Massacre
15 Healthy Junkies This Is Not A Suicide Delirious Dream Banana Castle / Cargo
16 Whyzdom The Mistchild As Time Turns To Dust Scarlet
17 Whyzdom The Page As Time Turns To Dust Scarlet
18 Whyzdom Armageddon As Time Turns To Dust Scarlet