Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 October 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Exhumed Incarnadined Hands Death Revenge Relapse
2 Nuclear Holocaust The Hunters Grinding Bombing Thrashing Selfmade God
3 Outer Heaven Vortex Of Thought Realms Of Eternal Decay Relapse
4 Noise Trail Immersion Acrimonious Symbology Of Shelter Moment Of Collapse
5 Wire Love Red Dress Leave The Bones This Charming Man
6 Splendidula Insanity Post Mortem Inverse
7 Shining My Church Animal Spinefarm
8 Dog Eat Dog XXV Brand New Breed Metalville
9 Bonfire Man On The Silver Mountain Legends AFM
10 Marius Danielsen Rise Of the Dark Empire Legend Of Valley Doom (Part 2) Crime
11 Weapon UK Set The Stage Alight Set The Stage Alight (The Anthology) Pure Steel
12 Trollwar Into Shadows Oath Of The Storm (self-released)
13 The Truffauts Pluto Oscar Micropal
14 Josa Barck Everybody Everywhere Keep Your Batteries Warm Pop Up
15 Naked Six No Compromise No Compromise Silver Lining
16 Blackberries Disturbia Disturbia Unique
17 Oak False Memory Archive False Memory Archive Karisma
18 The Fictionplay Citizen Faint Tohu Bohu Panta R&E
19 Beneath My Sins My Rules Valkyries Of Modern Times Painted Bass
20 Beneath My Sins The Beauty In The Witch Valkyries Of Modern Times Painted Bass
21 Beneath My Sins From The Flames Valkyries Of Modern Times Painted Bass


Beneath My Sins