Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 4 November 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Versus You Birthday Boy Birthday Boys Noiseworks
2 Skallbank Denim Demon Denim Demon (Single) Big Balls
3 Browsing Collection Something To Hold On Don't Want To Dance Icons Creating Evil Art
4 Devil Master Distorted Paths / Fear The Future Gleam Manifestations Relapse
5 Realm Of Wolves Old Roots Oblivion Beverina
6 Agony Face XXIV Mat(h) Bat(h) 3+3+3 CXVI Evolving Discharges Sliptrick
7 Gorod Wolfsmond Aethra Overpowered
8 Last Union President Evil (feat. James LaBrie) Twelve Rock Of Angels
9 Haken Veil Vector Inside Out
10 Trust Antisocial Répression Sony
11 Ihsahn Arcana Imperii Ámr Candlelight
12 Insidious One The Natural Selection The Natural Selection (Single) (self-released)
13 Iomair By Design Iomair Infamous Butcher
14 Dawn Of Winter A Dream Within A Dream Pray For Doom I Hate
15 Grave Digger Zombie Dance The Living Dead Napalm
16 Heir Apparent Man In The Sky The View From Below No Remorse
17 Heir Apparent The Door The View From Below No Remorse
18 Heir Apparent Insomnia The View From Below No Remorse


Heir Apparent