Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 December 2018

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Brain Damage Suicidal Humanity Mind Crimes (self-released)
2 Hellnite Spirits Prevail Midnight Terrors Sliptrick
3 Vetrarnott Unbound Scion (EP) (self-released)
4 Black Mass Warlust Warlust Iron Shield
5 Eteritus Phlogiston Order Of Death Deformeathing
6 Eternal Candle A Dismal Inhabitant The Carved Karma (self-released)
7 Myrholt SvÝpt i Kulde Master Nordland (self-released)
8 Suffering Souls In Death Reborn In Synergy Obscene Schwarzdorn
9 Diaboł Boruta Studnia Czary Pure Steel
10 Evangelist Heavenwards Deus Vult Nine
11 Misty Grey Strangers On A Train Chapter II Topillo / Vertebrae
12 Herod Reckoning Sombre Dessein Pelagic
13 Nord Near Death Experience And Now Thereís Only A River Left Behind (self-released)
14 Mr White & Embers Speed Stone Rock'a'Roller Touch And Go... (EP) M & O
15 Sudden Infant In This Moment Buddhist Nihilism Harbinger
16 Matt Finucane People Move On Disquiet (EP) Crude
17 Pistol Star Say Something Netherworld Orange M & O
18 Yusuf Sahilli Icarus Falling Atoms & The Void (Single) Musszo
19 Anderes Holz Plankton Fermate STF
20 The Moth Poets Doll Doll Bearsuit
21 Supergroup Vol. 4 I Sing My Song Supergroup Vol. 4 Micropal
22 Supergroup Vol. 4 Head On Wrong Supergroup Vol. 4 Micropal
23 Supergroup Vol. 4 Clock Is Ticking Supergroup Vol. 4 Micropal


Supergroup Vol. 4