Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 13 January 2019

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Thundermother Whatever Thundermother Despotz
2 Statement Darkness In Your Eyes Force Of Life Mighty
3 Fusion Bomb You're A Cancer To This World Concrete Jungle Iron Shield
4 Fusion Bomb Nyctophobia Concrete Jungle Iron Shield
5 Fusion Bomb Slam Tornado Concrete Jungle Iron Shield
6 Fusion Bomb Concrete Jungle Concrete Jungle Iron Shield
7 Traveler Street Machine Traveler Gates Of Hell
8 Superbeast Dead World Dead World (self-released)
9 Sumido Back For More Back For More (Single) (self-released)
10 Véronique de la Chanson Ich würde lieber ein Mädchen küssen Wolken Zucker Himmel Sumo Rex
11 Modern Technology Modern Technology Modern Technology (EP) (self-released)
12 Cyclorama Bright Shiny Morning Kito Sounds #8 Chez Kito Kat
13 Sofy Major Strike Total Dump Deadlight
14 Superseed Turn The Screw Superseed Rock Of Angels
15 Jahroom Cut-38 Snegiri (EP) Addicted
16 Ouzo Bazooka It's A Sin Transporter Stolen Body
17 Ouzo Bazooka Latest News Transporter Stolen Body
18 Ouzo Bazooka Space Camel Transporter Stolen Body


Fusion Bomb, Ouzo Bazooka