Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 April 2019

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Annominus Logos The Architect Mighty
2 Thousand Lakes Machines From The Sky Beneath The Surface (self-released)
3 Thousand Lakes Fall Of The Nazarene Beneath The Surface (self-released)
4 Thousand Lakes Play The Fool Beneath The Surface (self-released)
5 Thousand Lakes Doom Of Phobos Beneath The Surface (self-released)
6 Tëschegas Luxembourg's Next Top-Pensionär Luxembourg's Next Top-Pensionär (Single) (self-released)
7 Bartleby Delicate Beyond Good And Evil Beyond Good And Evil (Single) (self-released)
8 Per Wiberg Pile Of Nothing Head Without Eyes Despotz
9 Bjørn Riis Icarus A Storm Is Coming Karisma
10 Dizzy Mystics The Anti-Dream Wanderlost (self-released)
11 Kamala Morning Sighs Your Sugar Tonzonen
12 Malstatt Lionel Terroy II Nikasounds
13 Malstatt Walk Down The Shoreline II Nikasounds
14 Malstatt BFG 9000 II Nikasounds


Thousand Lakes, Malstatt