$ Playlist 30 June 2019

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 June 2019

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Hell Fire Lashing Out Mania Riding Easy
2 Black Goat Reap The Harvest Magia Posthuma Iron, Blood and Death
3 Dezaztre Natural Niño Pestilencia Asfixia Australis
4 Truchło Strzygi Jasna Pustka Nad Którymi Nie Czuwa Żaden Stróż (EP) Godz Ov War
5 Target Inverted Gloaming Deep Water Flames Australis
6 Public Grave Cadaverous Resurrection Cadaverous Resurrection RTM
7 Embludgeonment Witch Cunt Barn Burner Comatose
8 Devil Master Skeleton Hand Satan Spits On Children Of Light Relapse
9 Metall Metal Maniacs Metal Fire Iron Shield
10 Vous Autres Vers Ce Ciel Noir Champ du Sang Sleeping Church
11 Rha Die eigene Objektivität ist die größte Illusion des Menschen Leben.Lassen Moment Of Collapse
12 Crestfallen Queen Queen Of Swords Queen Of Swords Church Within
13 SystemHouse33 End Of Days End Of Days (self-released)
14 Alcotopia Doctor Waclow It Hits The Spot Narcoleptica
15 Coma Time Disorder Punishment 18
16 Bloodlust Necrovision Black Mass Iron, Blood and Death
17 Ben Blutzukker I Want To Be Evil (A Tribute to Eartha Kitt) I Want To Be Evil (A Tribute to Eartha Kitt) (Single) (self-released)
18 Van Kraut Aufgereiht in Blocks Zäune aus Gold DIAN
19 The Austerity Program Isaiah 63:2-6 Bible Songs 1 Controlled Burn
20 Ordinul Negru Steps Over Time Nostalgia Of The Fullmoon Nights Loud Rage
21 Laetitia In Holocaust In Cruelty And Joy Fauci Tra Fauci Third I Rex
22 J.B.O. Durst Wer lässt die Sau raus? AFM
23 Airforce Sniper (feat. Paul Di'Anno) Rawkaholic Volume 1 (Exclusive & Unreleased Tracks) Rock'n'Growl


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