$ Playlist 4 August 2019

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 4 August 2019

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Vedrf÷lnir Sauflied Loki's Dawn (self-released)
2 Parzival Tumbling Down The Golden Bough Moondrop
3 The SoapGirls One Way Street Elephant In The Room (self-released)
4 Wolf Mountains Listen To The Woods Urban Dangerous Treibender Teppich
5 Trappist System Trio Zombie Thrush Arrival Fono Ltd.
6 Everfrost Juhannus In January Winterider Rockshots
7 Starborn Unwelcome Savage Peace Iron Shield
8 Altered State Mindsrealm Altered State (Re-Release) Pure Steel
9 Ankhara Ay˙dame Sinergia Fighter
10 Wreck-Defy Killing The Children Remnants Of Pain Inverse
11 In Thousand Lakes Into The Mirror Evolution (EP) Xtreem
12 Illdisposed What Will I Become? Reveal Your Soul For The Dead Massacre
13 Left Hand Path Cognitive Ills Left Hand Path (EP) Loud Rage
14 Crytivore Raining Human Debris Unseen Divinity Vaginal Autopsy / Dawning Septic
15 Massive Destruktion Nations Of Doom Mercenaries (self-released)
16 Fatal Embrace Betray Your Heroes Operation Genocide Iron Shield
17 Solitary Requiem XXV (EP) Doc
18 Sanity Control Hunt Demo 2019 Seeing Red
19 Zwakkelmann Nashville Tennessee Papa Punk Hulk
20 Zwakkelmann Dumme Nazibraut Papa Punk Hulk
21 Zwakkelmann Ra-Ra-Ramones Papa Punk Hulk