$ Playlist 18 August 2019

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 18 August 2019

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Black Viper Storming With Vengeance Hellions Of Fire High Roller
2 Toxik Heart Attack Wasteland (Re-Release) Vic
3 Acid Death Godless Shrines Primal Energies 7hard
4 Solace Of The Void Before The Throne Of Beauty And Bone Solace Of The Void CDN
5 Mortal Infinity Fellowship Of Rats In Cold Blood Red Dagger
6 Resurrect Tomorrow Bleed The Wolf (The Awesome Deluxe Remastered Edition) Profane
7 FreaKings False Prophets Rise Of Violence (self-released)
8 Cryptae Vestigial Vestigial (EP) Sentient Ruin / Tartarus
9 Lonny Ziblat Barby Q Dream Hunting (self-released)
10 The Universe By Ear Slam Your Head Against The Wall (Carefully) II Onstage
11 Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker Awaiting The Return Of The Light Out Of The Dark High Roller
12 Mysterizer Trails Of Blood Invisible Enemy Inverse
13 Kill City Kills Wild Brigade Straight From The Heart Of Nowhere (EP) Sliptrick
14 Picture Line Of Life Wings Pure Steel
15 Pandemonium Necromania Unleashed Monuments Of Tragedy Black Lodge
16 Aphrodite Hades In The Night Lust And War Fighter
17 Aphrodite Ares, God Of War Lust And War Fighter
18 Aphrodite Thesus And The Minotaur Lust And War Fighter