$ Playlist 15 March 2020

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 15 March 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Vandermeer Yes! Mister Panique automatique Barhill
2 The Lovely Eggs Magic Onion Mark Barton's "The Sunday Experience" Bearsuit
3 Jonny Karacho Meine Welt Volle Karacho! Newtone
4 Rotzak The Big Leap Step Back, Gushing Eggheads White Russian
5 Bullets And Octane Riot Riot Rock N Roll Riot Riot Rock N Roll Bad MoFo / Cargo
6 American Heritage Tomb Cruise Solar Flare Records (Compilation) Solar Flare / Atypeek
7 Posthumanbigbang Bury Jungle Eyes Czar Of Crickets
8 Fange Soleils Vaincus Pudeur Throatruiner
9 Silence Of the Abyss My Fair Fury Unease And Unfairness M & O
10 Across Antarctica Shark Sustenance Across Antarctica Cataclysmic Metal
11 Endless Void She's Gone Away Love Kult (self-released)
12 Lord Vigo And Then The Planets Will Align Danse De Noir High Roller
13 Traveler Termination Shock Termination Shock Gates Of Hell
14 Cloven Hoof Bathory Age Of Steel Pure Steel
15 Desolation Angels I'm On Fire While The Flame Still Burns Dissonance
16 Satan's Empire All Hallows Eve Hail The Empire Dissonance
17 Curse Impaled And Crucified The Awakening... And The Old (EP) Redining Darkness
18 Silverstage Want You Dead Heart'n Balls M & O
19 Silverstage Rise (Feeling Somber) Heart'n Balls M & O
20 Silverstage For The Light Heart'n Balls M & O