$ Playlist 5 April 2020

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 April 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Tëschegas Luxembourg's Next Top-Pensionär Stad, Land, Goss (self-released)
2 Kwirl Radio Corona Radio Corona (Single) (self-released)
3 Axxis Virus Of A Modern Time Virus Of A Modern Time Phonotraxx
4 Wayward Midnight Blood Wayward This Charming Man
5 Lady Beast Metal Machine The Vulture's Amulet Reaper Metal
6 Toledo Steel Alcatraz The First Strike Of Steel Dissonance
7 Tokyo Blade Story Of A Nobody Dark Revolution Dissonance
8 Alestorm Treasure Chest Party Quest Curse Of The Crystal Coconut Napalm
9 Kadima Bound And Tethered All Birds Deserve To Fly (self-released)
10 Pure Reason Revolution Ghost And Typhoons Eupnea InsideOut
11 Jupiter Hollow The Rosedale Bereavement (self-released)
12 Grave Circles Faith That Fades Tome II Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
13 Piss On Christ Murderers And Rapists Are Followers Of Christ And Their God Forgives Them Piss On Christ Cataclysmic Metal
14 Mofo Final Experiment Sick And Insane (self-released)
15 Bloodred Hör den Tod The Raven's Shadow (self-released)
16 August Burns Red The Narrative Guardians Fearless
17 Pyogenesis Will I Ever Feel The Same? A Silent Soul Screams Loud AFM
18 Pyogenesis Mother Bohemia A Silent Soul Screams Loud AFM
19 Pyogenesis I Can't Breathe A Silent Soul Screams Loud AFM