$ Playlist 12 April 2020

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 April 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Lord Vicar Levitation The Black Powder The Church Within
2 Arabs In Aspic I Vow To Thee My Screen Madness And Magic Karisma
3 Ric Gordon Y'all Stay Home Y'all Stay Home (Single) Buffalo Burger
4 Rammelhof Karfreitag Umweltschmutz Mano Cornuta
5 Ben Blutzukker Crucified (feat. Liv Kristine) Crucified (Single) (self-released)
6 Señor Karōshi Das Haus verliert nichts ...oder deswegen Disentertainment
7 Sky Cries Mary Born From My Mouth Secrets Of A Red Planet Trail
8 Flynotes No Love No Glory The Goddess Of Sunrise (self-released)
9 Dyatlove Fragile Fixation Dyatlove (EP) (self-released)
10 El Jefazo Pulsión de Muerte Simbiosis Necio
11 Lebenssucht Trauerweide -273,15 °C Thanatoskult
12 Killitorous King Diamond Dallas Page The Afterparty Tentacles Industries
13 Sinister Deformation Of The Holy Realm Deformation Of The Holy Realm Massacre
14 Dead Prophet Unexpected Suffering Sounds Of Enlightenment (EP) (self-released)
15 Chick Boyd Rock'n'Roll Bitch Bunch Of Fucking Hits (self-released)
16 Hellride Metal This Not Is Goodbyes To Forever Fastball
17 Fractured Insanity M.A.D. Massive Human Failure Massacre
18 Fractured Insanity Hell Of No Man's Land Massive Human Failure Massacre
19 Fractured Insanity Panic Abuser Massive Human Failure Massacre


Fractured Insanity