$ Playlist 24 May 2020

Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 May 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Aphrodite Orpheus Charms The Gods Of Death Lust And War Fighter
2 Ice War Defender, Destroyer Defender, Destroyer Fighter
3 Nanowar Of Steel Sneeztem Of A Yawn Sneeztem Of A Yawn (Single) Napalm
4 Dusk Of Delusion The Messenger Watch Your 6 Fantai'Zic
5 U.D.O. und das Musikkorps der Bundeswehr We Are One We Are One (Single) AFM
6 Dee Snider Prove Me Wrong For The Love Of Metal (live) Napalm
7 Cuttin' Edge False Advice Face Down Rebellion
8 Dead Friends Cis White Whale High, Wasted Genes (EP) StandBy
9 Black Falcon Ego Mortem Machina Ego Mortem Machina (EP) Morning Star Heathens
10 Black Hawk Voices From The Dark Destination Hell Pure Underground
11 Road Warrior Death In Heels On Wheels Split-EP with Gravebreaker Gates Of Hell
12 Gravebreaker Death Promise Split-EP with Roadwarrior Gates Of Hell
13 Astral Sleep Integratron Astral Doom Musick Saarni
14 The Outsider The Headless Horror Master From Ancient Gods And Forbidden Books (self-released)
15 From The Vastland Khan e Dovom The Haft Khan Iron, Blood And Death
16 Mazikeen Psychotic Reign The Solace Of Death Iron, Blood And Death
17 Iiah Aphelion Terra Bird's Robe
18 Jonny Karacho Dschungelparty Volle Karacho! Newtone
19 Jonny Karacho Mein Brudi Volle Karacho! Newtone
20 Jonny Karacho Wenn ich groß bin Volle Karacho! Newtone


Jonny Karacho