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Playlist 9 August 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Toxikull Cursed And Punished Cursed And Punished Metal On Metal
2 Nightmare Aeternam Aeternam (EP) AFM
3 Kat Satan's Nights The Last Convoy Pure Steel
4 Sacred Outcry Sacred Outcry Damned For All Time No Remorse
5 Hexx Entangled In Sin Entangled In Sin High Roller
6 Fleetburner Open Water Fleetburner Butler
7 To Kill Achilles Venom Venom (Single) Arising Empire
8 Alestorm Big Ship Little Ship Big Ship Little Ship (single) Napalm
9 Midgard Necromancer Tales Of Kreia Sliptrick
10 Trident North North Non Serviam
11 Aborted Fetus Earth's Bloody Punishment Pyramids Of Damnation Comatose
12 Festerdecay Stench Of Decay Encyclopedia Of Putrefactive Anomalies (Split with Crash Syndrom) Obliteration
13 Crash Syndrom Purgatorial Restoration Encyclopedia Of Putrefactive Anomalies (Split with Festerdecay) Obliteration
14 Grid I ruinerna av var ensamhet Livsveda Selfmade God
15 Black Communion Sinister Evocation Of The Black Lord Miasmic Monstrosity Dunkelheit
16 Blasphemous Putrefaction Necromantic Prelude To Perversion Dunkelheit
17 Exhumed Buried To Die Twisted Horror (Split-EP) Relapse
18 Gruesome A Mind Decayed Twisted Horror (Split-EP) Relapse
19 Decrepid Phobos Descent Endless Sea Of Graves Xtreem
20 Temnein The Knotted Bag Tales: Of Humanity And Greed (self-released)
21 Temnein I Am Davy Jones Tales: Of Humanity And Greed (self-released)
22 Temnein City Of Gold Tales: Of Humanity And Greed (self-released)