Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 September 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Moron Police The Phantom Below A Boat On The Sea Mighty Jam
2 Wobbler Five Rooms Dwellers Of The Deep Karisma
3 Rikard Sj÷blom's Gungfly Happy Somewhere In Between Alone Together InsideOut
4 Ihsahn Manhattan Sky Line Pharaos (EP) Candlelight
5 One Tape Hallo Hilfe Goldfischglas Langstrumpf
6 Soeckers Bahnhofsgrau Kopfkarussel Chateau Lala
7 T-Rex Marathon Faux News Days Without Incident (self-released)
8 Black Honey Beaches Beaches (Single) Foxfive
9 Girls In Synthesis They're Not Listening Now Here's An Echo From Your Future Harbinger Sound
10 Don't Sleep Reflection Turn The Tide Mission Two Entertainment
11 Get Jealous There's Nothing Wrong Easily Radicalis
12 A Shape Morning Faces Iron Pourpre Atypeek / Araki / Jelodanti
13 Ayermaniana Canto El Reflejo Aldea
14 The Figurines and the George Koreins Goat-Based Activities Trenton Akes The World Akes (self-released)
15 Reach Motherland Motherland (Single) Icons Creating Evil Art
16 Hint Sixed (with Portobello Bones) Rarities Of Two Centuries Atypeek / Bruillance
17 Velvet Volume Sunny LA Ego's Need Mermaid
18 The Hellectric Devilz Blinded The Hellectric Club M & O
19 Insight Believe Reflection Mission Two Entertainment
20 Out In Style Save Me Letters Never Sent Too Loud
21 Go Go Gazelle Laptoptrainer Flaschenpost an morgen Gute Laune Entertainment
22 The Hawkins Roomer Silence Is A Bomb The Sign
23 The Hawkins Hilow Silence Is A Bomb The Sign
24 The Hawkins Libertine Silence Is A Bomb The Sign


The Hawkins