Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 11 October 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Double Crush Syndrome Death To Pop Death To Pop Arising Empire
2 Warrior Soul Elected Cocaine And Other Good Stuff Livewire / Cargo
3 Alleyway Next Passenger-X After Dark Sliptrick
4 L.A. Guns Crawl Renegades Golden Robot
5 Midnight Gallows Burn In The Sun Attack Warning Red Wasted Wax
6 Odium Humani Generis Samozatopienie Przeddzien Cult Of Parthenope
7 Shaidar Logoth Consume Pieces Of God Chapter III: The Void God Sentient Ruin
8 Darkenhöld Oriflamme Arcanes & Sortilèges Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
9 Cruachan The Hawthorn The Hawthorn (Single) Despotz
10 Protokult Feed Your Demons Transcending The Ruins (self-released)
11 ThrashWall War Outside The Wall ThrashWall Firecum
12 Torment Power Abuse The War They Feed Punishment 18
13 Furious Trauma Ultimate Divine Decade At War Massacre
14 Eternal Champion Worms Of The Earth Ravening Iron No Remorse
15 Lord Fist Arkona Cross II Wilderness Of Hearts High Roller
16 Elusive God The Truth Untold The Darkest Flame (EP) Solitude
17 One Tape Hallo Hilfe Goldfischglas Langstrumpf
18 One Tape 'piss dich Goldfischglas Langstrumpf
19 One Tape Anastasia Goldfischglas Langstrumpf


One Tape