Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 October 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Late Night Venture Bloodline Subcosmos Czar Of Crickets
2 Convulsif Surround The Arms Of Revolution Extinct Hummus
3 Qoniak Coac Mutatio Hummus
4 Sealand Airlines The Danger Sealand Airlines The Sign
5 Mollo Rilla Night Fang Viva El Camino Seeing Red
6 Flush Shine It Began As A Mistake Concorde
7 Ferris MC Bullenwagen Missglückte Asimetrie Arising Empire
8 Ricky Butcher Song Of 1000 Fucks Fuck: The Album (self-released)
9 Old Kerry McKeene South Spruce Blues Mono Secular Sounds Icons Creating Evil Art
10 Wyrmwoods Astralanum Gamma Inverse
11 Xeno Uncaged Sojourn Art Gates
12 Mercyless The Exorcist Sovereign Evil (EP) Xenokorp
13 Utilitarian ACAB (Order Without Justice) Stay Angry (EP) (self-released)
14 Trollfest Der Jegermeister Der Jegermeister (Single) Napalm
15 Six Degrees Imperfect No One Is Innocent Rockshots
16 Geometry Of Chaos Joker's Dance Soldiers Of Τhe Νew World Order (self-released)
17 Raging Speedhorn Hard To Kill Hard To Kill Red Weed
18 Raging Speedhorn Snakebite Hard To Kill Red Weed
19 Raging Speedhorn Doom Machine Hard To Kill Red Weed


Raging Speedhorn