Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 1 November 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Envy Swaying Leaves And Scattering Breath Fallen Crimson Pelagic
2 Slowly Building Weapons Heaven Collapse Echos Bird's Robe
3 Sairen Insecte Vestiges Fluttery
4 Lay It On The Line Winter In Boro A Candle In Hell (self-released)
5 Loss Of Infection Black Earth Dark Dimension Sliptrick
6 End Of Mankind La peste dansante Antérieur à la Lumière Mallevs
7 Skeleton Pit Thrashorcism Lust To Lynch MDD
8 Space Chaser Total Thrashing Desaster Decapitron (EP) (Re-Release) This Charming Man
9 Solitary I Will Not Tolerate The Truth Behind The Lines Metalville
10 Leviathan Ambitious Stones Overturned Words Waging War Stonefellowship
11 Meridian Easy Lover Taking Cover (EP) Mighty
12 Sorceress Of Sin Vixen Of Virtue Mirrored Revenge (self-released)
13 Elina Englezou & Bob Katsionis In Hell Goditha (The Rock Opera) Symmetric
14 Stormhunter Two Beers (Or Not Two Beers) Ready For Boarding (EP) G.U.C.
15 Asyllex Soul Ephemeros Tutl
16 Chalice Night's Hands Trembling Crown High Roller
17 Isabel De Sade Wrong Choice Undivided From Desire (EP) (self-released)
18 Mindwars Digital Dictatorship The Fourth Turning Dissonance
19 Mindwars Black Death The Fourth Turning Dissonance
20 Mindwars Criminally Insane The Fourth Turning Dissonance