Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 27 December 2020

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Demolizer Cancer In The Brain Thrashmageddon Mighty
2 Intoxicated Grab The Rope Walled Seeing Red
3 Ossuary Anex Obscurantism Apogee Obscurantism Apogee Xtreem
4 Undead Haunted By Hate Existential Horror Kadabra
5 SpellBook Ominous Skies Magick & Mischief Cruz Del Sur
6 Void Rot Liminal Forms Descending Pillars Sentient Ruin
7 Sadistic Embodiment Stranger Blood Spell CDN
8 Soulwound Waste Of Life The Suffering Inverse
9 Steps Of Odessa Obsidian Skies Obsidian Skies (self-released)
10 Oblivion Beach Rider Cold River Spell Schwarzdorn
11 Mäkkelä If The Flu Ain't Gonna Kill You If The Flu Ain't Gonna Kill You (Single) (self-released)
12 Gong Wah Let's Get Lost Gong Wah Tonzonen
13 Darkness Over And Out Over And Out Massacre
14 Arrayan Path A Silent Masquerade The Marble Gates To Apeiron Pitch Black
15 Schizophrenia Structure Of Death Voices (EP) Redefining Darkness
16 Suicide Of Society Dream Of The Plague War Investment MDD
17 Trial By Combat God Delusion Consumed By The Darkness (self-released)
18 Warpath Black Metal Innocence Lost (30 Years Of Warpath) Massacre
19 Hyrgal Colère Noire Fin de Règne Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
20 BruteAllies Invasion Ash & Nails Wormholedeath
21 Extirpation Into Disease A Damnation's Stairway To The Altar Of Failure Redefining Darkness
22 Shattered Hope In Cold Blood Vespers Solitude


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