Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 17 January 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Stallion Kill The Beast Slaves Of Time High Roller
2 Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg A Time Of Changes (Re-Release) High Roller
3 Jameson Raid Catcher In The Rye Raiderstronomy High Roller
4 Helstar Across The Raging Seas Clad In Black Massacre
5 Under A Spell Voodoo Doll The Chosen One Pure Steel
6 Infernalizer Leaving So Soon? The Ugly Truth Rockshots
7 Vestindien Meldr°ye Null Dark Essence
8 DSKNT Transition K0 [Part I] Vacuum γ-Noise Transition Sentient Ruin
9 Colossus Iniquitous Macrocosm Degenesis Comatose
10 Detritus Bright Black Myths Embryo Industries
11 Carnal Agony The Witching Hour Back From The Grave (self-released)
12 Faithful Breath Lady M. Skol (Re-Release) High Roller
13 Attika Metal Lands Metal Lands Pure Steel
14 Holy Mother Face This Burn Face The Burn Massacre
15 Metalite Talisman A Virtual World AFM
16 Primitai The Uprising Violence Of The Skies Rock Of Angels
17 Draconian Moon Over Sabaoth Under A Godless Veil Napalm
18 Draconian Lustrous Heart Under A Godless Veil Napalm
19 Draconian Sleepwalkers Under A Godless Veil Napalm