Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 31 January 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Assassin The Swamp Thing Bestia Immundis Massacre
2 Illness Insanity Schizophrenic Kingdoms (EP) (self-released)
3 Mephisto From Hobbiton Toward The Mountains Of Gorgoroth Pentafixion Wormholedeath
4 Ainur Spirit Of Fire War Of The Jewels Rockshots
5 Vis Mystica Whispering Winds Of Fate Whispering Winds Of Fate (Single) (self-released)
6 In Tormenta Quiete Sapor Umbro Krononota My Kingdom
7 Genghis Tron Dream Weapon Dream Weapon Relapse
8 Liquid Tension Experiment The Passage Of Time LTE3 InsideOut
9 Transatlantic Looking For The Light The Absolute Universe InsideOut
10 Christian Liljegren Melodic Passion Melodic Passion Melodic Passion
11 Mono Death In Rebirth Beyond The Past (Live in London with the Platinum Anniversary Orchestra) Pelagic
12 Valse Noot Fearing Neither God Nor Man Utter Contempt Atypeek
13 Echoplain Beyoncé Polaroid Malibu Atypeek
14 Nonagon Tuck The Long Tail Under They Birds Controlled Burn
15 Freiburg Kotzen High Five Zukunft (Re-Release) This Charming Man
16 Lauter Bäumen Holzbein 2020 Wer sind wir jetzt? (EP) Tumbleweed
17 Tausend Augen Silberne Maschinen Westend This Charming Man
18 Laced In Lust Hot Tonight First Bite Rockshots
19 Bluthund Wir fackeln alles ab StromGitarrenWutRap Odyssey
20 Bluthund Bye Bye Irokesengang StromGitarrenWutRap Odyssey
21 Bluthund Scheißwut StromGitarrenWutRap Odyssey